Why Your Store Must Send Orders to Third Party
Logistics Companies & Fulfillment Warehouses

The fulfillment software can sync inventory and purchases to simplify the flow of information! Read and find out why your store must send orders to third party logistics companies and fulfillment warehouses!

Technology today has become the number one factor to deliver a flawless online shopping experience, especially when it comes to order fulfillment, shipping, and delivery.

There are many merchants who are still stuck using old tools and processes where they have to send new orders to their 3PL provider manually before a shipping deadline. This takes a lot of time and not every business owner has the time required to deal with such things.

The modern third party logistics companies have incorporated technology into their offering in order to keep up with the customers’ needs and expectations. The fulfillment software powers the 3PL companies and their warehouses and sends important data back to the client (in this case, you and your business).

Such modern technologies integrate with the best ecommerce platforms, website builders, and marketplaces. With just a few clicks, you can bring orders, inventory levels, sales channels, shipments, fulfillment centers, and customers in one place.

The fulfillment software can sync inventory, orders, and purchases to simplify the flow of critical information.

Wondering how to create a seamless and smooth fulfillment process for your online store and how do third party logistics companies make this possible:

  • Eliminate long manual processes: The ecommerce platforms and website builders that are integrated with 3PL companies eliminate the need for you to contact the fulfillment software with each new order. As soon a new order is placed in your online store, the software selects the warehouse that can ship the product to your customer in the shortest and cost-effective manner possible. The warehouses are notified to start packing and ship the products in real-time. Shopify integrated with fulfillment software and can save you a lot of time dealing with inventory, warehouse, orders, and shipping.
  • Speed up delivery: The best way to improve customer satisfaction is to speed up the delivery. The integration between the ecommerce platform and the 3Pl company helps get your products delivered to your customers much quicker. If your customers ask something about their orders you can answer them with accurate information.
  • Prevent stock outs by using analytics: The 3PL company or the fulfillment software comes with built-in tools and metrics that are calculated using information from different sources. The metrics include revenue of orders, peak fulfillment times, sales by channel, shipped by day, a number of orders, and etc. In other words, you can rely on accurate data that is collected to make supply chain decisions. By using analytics, you can project future outcomes, prevent stockouts, reorder inventory, and distribute products based on buyers’ zip codes.
  • Save money by improving accuracy: When sending orders manually, you risk entering incorrect numbers which may lead to an invasion of exchanges, expedited shipping, replacements, and more. These are expensive errors and can seriously harm your online store. When your online store integrates with a 3PL company, you simply eliminate the possibility of human error.

Ecommerce platform and 3PL software integrations can save you time, prevent stockouts, get orders to customers quicker, and reduce errors. If you are interested in connecting your store with the best 3PL company, then Shopify is a great option to try. For more information on how can Shopify help you with your business logistics, click on Shopify.com/enterprise/third-party-logistics-3pl  

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce solutions on the market and integrates with all of the major third party logistics companies. It takes less than 10 minutes to connect your online store and you can create a seamless fulfillment experience.

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